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Find healing and connect to you inner voice

Art Therapy Groups

Looking for a therapeutic outlet to process through emotions and find joy, peace, and healing?


Our art therapy groups are led by an art therapist and focus on utilizing creativity to process and release any emotional burdens one is carrying. At Muze we believe that art making can be a balm to our pain. These art therapy groups are for individuals 18 and up that are looking to express and heal through an artistic release. Our groups encourage a non-judgmental and inclusive approach where everyone is welcome to engage in the creative and therapeutic process of art therapy.  


Why join our art therapy groups in Chicago?

These groups are led by our art therapist and focus on holistic wellness, where you can expect to be met by a welcoming community that supports each other on our healing journeys. This group utilizes different art therapy directives and mediums to help guide you on your therapeutic path


In our art therapy groups we focus on the process of art making rather than the product, and use art to help us heal. The goal of these groups is not to learn how to make aesthetically pleasing art pieces, rather it is to tune inward and connect with our thoughts, feelings, and souls through artistic expression. We hope you can join us.

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