About Us



Muze is a global humanitarian organization that is committed to using the arts to bring healing and freedom. This is accomplished by creating social equity for individuals who are less privileged, more vulnerable, and more oppressed; specifically, those who are at a higher risk for human trafficking. Muze has two main focuses: prevention and restorative justice.

Muze focuses on supporting individuals who are at a high risk of human trafficking; these are predominantly runaway/homeless children, and those who have low socioeconomic status (this is assessed on income, education, and occupation). Muze aims to support individuals on a global scale, through different means. We support this mission with an integrated, holistic commitment to:

  • Transformational development, which is community-based and sustainable, focused especially on the needs of children.

    • This is accomplished through partnerships with orphanages and safe homes in need. Muze is committed to giving a percentage of their sales from the art studio and fair trade goods, to specific charities that have a mission to provide resources for the most vulnerable women and children in their communities.

  • Promotion of justice, that seeks to change unjust structures affecting the poor and vulnerable.

    • Muze provides a means for education and skills to help those who lack resources. We accomplish this by focusing on partnering with organizations that are in the process of developing schools in areas that do not have any. Muze also provides resources in America through opportunities in the art center. 

  • Public awareness, that leads to an informed understanding of human trafficking, as well as giving

    • Muze hosts art shows and develops public displays to bring awareness of the reality of human trafficking

  • Empowerment, respecting the poor and oppressed as active participants, not passive recipients, and helping individuals develop skills and abilities to overcome their situations.

    • Muze provides jobs and resources to individuals who are unable to meet their daily needs, through the establishment of the art center and fair trade shop. 

This model of Muze is based on partnerships, with safe homes and orphanages that are disadvantaged and are in need. Muze focuses on facilitating the engagement between the poor and the affluent to bring about transformation to both. We affirm our interdependence and desire to develop shared goals and mutual accountability that true partnership requires.  

Founded in 2020, we have fought to bring freedom to individuals on the local and global levels. We strive to hold our leaders accountable and to educate and empower others to take action. We work to ensure that silenced voices are heard for generations to come.


 But we can’t do it without your help. Get in touch to see how you can get involved and increase our impact.