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A New Hobby For Your Kids!

Kids Pottery Classes

Looking for a fun, creative outlet for your child after school? Join us for pottery-making classes and painting classes in Chicago for kids! 

Our instructors have years of experience teaching art classes that will encourage your child to get away from screens and express their inner artist!


Why Start Painting Classes in Chicago?

These classes will focus on a variety of painting mediums such as: watercolor, acrylic, tempura, and mixed media! This class is FUN, ENGAGING, and don't forget CREATIVE experience. Our painting class will help your child build confidence through art making while connecting with others their age. They can take these pieces home as well! Come join us.

Why Start Pottery Classes in Chicago?

Clay is a medium that people of all ages tend to fall in love with! This class provides the space for your child to let go, have fun, to imagine, and to explore! The classes at Muze always encourage its students to create without judgment and to let our hearts create freely! We look forward to having you for the next class!

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